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About Us


IDIT jewelry is a family run business that has been active for almost 6 decades. It was founded by my parents Chaim and Tamar Paz in 1958 in the heart of Jerusalem. Chaim, a young graduate of the renowned Betzalel Academy of Art, has been the key figure behind Idit's success and creativity. Tamar, his late wife, a gifted ceramist herself, ran the gallery for over twenty years.

Today, the gallery is run by me and my husband Eli Davidov. I’m a goldsmith and a multidisciplinary artist, and Eli is an architect and a designer. Together we lead the gallery in the manner that was set by the older generation, and make our utmost to maintain its reputation. We both design and manufacture new models and keep our collection always up to date.


Most of IDIT collection is designed and handmade by Chaim Paz. His creativity, imagination and craftsmanship are unique. Paz combines traditional and modern jewelry techniques when he designs and makes his collections; among them, one can find combinations of clean, straight lines with interesting geometric shapes, detailed surface textures and a measure of
simplicity which make each piece subtle and original.

Inspired by nature and rich knowledge of art – old and contemporary, our collections always look fresh, unique and lovely.

Our collections are handmade. The designs include one-of-a-kind, limited edition, and limited production pieces consisting of earrings, necklaces, bracelets, cufflinks, brooches and pendants. The jewelry is made of .925 sterling silver, 18 karat gold and a large colorful collection of silver and gold with refined enamel.

Nowadays we collaborate with various artists and designers from around the world. There are several private collections made by these artists for IDIT, all of them apply to our vision of creativity and excellence.

To those of you who will visit our gallery in Jerusalem or visit our website, I hope you will enjoy our designs.

Shlomit Davidov